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Although you can probably just exploit a glitch by exiting the game to restore their gold. I favor using Whiterun for convenience. There are three smiths with 1k+ gold, two are near the gate at Warmaidens and one is up in Skyforge. Belethors general goods has 750 gold and buys all items, good for selling jewelry and enchanted clothes to.

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Well technically you can anywhere. Catch is, you MUST take the stolen food and ingredients into the Alchemy table or cooking pot, create other stuff (which actually levels you up anyway) and then sell the new junk you make. So time consuming but better than having barrels all over the place filled with stolen stuff.

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The easiest thing to do is do a circuit amongst the general goods stores and apothecaries (or, if you have "Merchant" and/or "Master Trader", all stores in an area). By the time youre done fast traveling, youll likely have spent 48 hours and can sell to the original merchant again.

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There are a few items that this will not work on (The Mythic Dawn items from Silus museum, for example). Unlike in Oblivion, Skyrim does not have any fences outside of the Thieves Guild (for example, in the Dark Brotherhood). Therefore, to sell any stolen items, either join the Thieves Guild, or invest perks into the Speech path.

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Im asking if people can post where i can sell certain types of items such as jewelry, weapons, or armor at the highest price. I guess the selling price differs between each store. Im in need of help getting a house since ive run out of stuff to throw out to try and keep space or enough weight for new stuff.

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If you have the right perk, you can sell stolen items to ordinary vendors, which by default would include their own stuff. He is talking about an exploit which allows you to sell vendors their own stuff that is currently in their shop inventory an unlimited amount of times. Has nothing to do with stolen items.

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