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camel.component.vm.concurrent-consumers. Sets the default number of concurrent threads processing exchanges. 1. Integer. camel.component.vm.default-block-when-full. Whether a thread that sends messages to a full SEDA queue will block until the queue’s capacity is no longer exhausted. By default, an exception will be thrown stating that the

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Right now, when I do :set spell in my Vim, I get spelling errors highlighted as if they are selected text. What I want is an MS-Word like underlining of spelling errors. I tried to lookup :help spell but could not find a clue. Any help is appreciated.

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The help states this:. The plugin has a default place where to look for spell files, on the Vim ftp server. If you want to use another location or another protocol, set the g:spellfile_URL variable to the directory that holds the spell files.

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To create multiple copies of a virtual machine (VM) for use in Azure for development and test, capture a managed image of the VM or of the OS VHD. To create, store and share images at scale, see Shared Image Galleries. One managed image supports up to 20 simultaneous deployments. Attempting to create more than 20 VMs concurrently, from the same

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