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stuff (stŭf) n. 1. The material out of which something is made or formed; substance. 2. The essential substance or elements; essence: "We are such stuff / As dreams are made on" (Shakespeare). 3. Informal a. Unspecified material: Put that stuff over there. b. Household or personal articles considered as a group. c. Worthless objects. 4. Slang Specific

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"Good stuff!" you might say, tasting a delicious piece of cake. The word stuff could refer to all sorts of things. Its one of those words that you can use when youre too lazy to find the right word.

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stuffing Sexology In the context of fat fetishism, deliberate hyperphagia to distend the stomach, meant to evoke arousal in a fat-admiring sexual partner.

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The word that can substitute everything. Very often used by peoples, is usually used for something you dont know what its called, can be sexual

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Another word for stuff. Find more ways to say stuff, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the worlds most trusted free thesaurus.

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Definition and synonyms of stuff from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.. This is the British English definition of stuff.View American English definition of stuff.. Change your default dictionary to American English.

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‘A load of kids are reading stuff and hearing stuff which refers back to Vietnam, and there is a resurgence in interest in the works of Chomsky.’ ‘Theres also some stuff in the article about writing routines and the like.’ ‘I was interested in all the technical stuff because films of this nature are, by definition, feats of

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stuff (of something) (formal or literary) the most important feature of something; something that something else is based on or is made from. The trip was magical; the stuff of which dreams are made. Parades and marches were the very stuff of politics in the region. Connors story is the stuff of legend. the stuff of dreams/nightmares

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stuff definition: Stuff is what people or things are made of, general matter or objects. (noun) An example of stuff is a bag full of groceries. An example of stuff is a mans character.

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Staff definition, a group of persons, as employees, charged with carrying out the work of an establishment or executing some undertaking. See more.

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