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Special Ops Airsoft Junior, provide an exciting day of Airsoft for all from the age of 10. Becoming a member of Special Ops Airsoft Junior is very easy just turn up on any of the open day and play, pay £20* on the Saturday to try out our games.

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Any person under 18 years of age, can possess a BB gun but only on private property/land, which means a parent, guardian, relative or similar can buy a 2 tone airsoft BB gun and give it to a child to use or keep as a gift, which does not contravene the VCRA Act. (For under 18’s use …

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Spela airsoft under 18. Deltagande av person under 18 år 1. För att du som person under 18 år skall få medverka på ett airsoft spel arrangerat av Grimsas äventyr krävs godkännan de av målsman.

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If you are under 18 you cannot legally purchase a RIF or IF, no exceptions. You can however, at any age, legally be given a RIF as a gift by an adult who is entitled to the specific defence.

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If you are under 18 years of age, it is illegal for you to buy any airsoft gun. It is also illegal for anyone to sell one to you, whether you are a skirmisher or not. When you purchase a black airsoft gun or RIF from this site you are confirming that you are over 18 years of age.

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Section 8 are one of the few sites in Scotland who make under 18’s welcome. At Section 8 our ethos is to make airsofting accessable for as many people as possible. However due to the conditions of our site insurance, there are special permissions that you must get before we will allow you to play at Section 8 Airsoft. Do not book a ticket until you are certain you can get these special permissions.

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