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Quiz yourself or create a quiz for your peers, students, friends, customers, or employees. There’s something for everyone. Dive into some of these top quizzes and explore the unknown. Take as many quizzes as you want - we bet you won’t stop at just one! And, when you’re done, do share your quiz results with your friends via social media.

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Spelling Quizzes – How good are your contestants at spelling? For these quizzes, the questions must be read aloud so that teams can to try to spell these commonly misspelled words. Quiz 109 – Round 6 – Words. Leave a Comment / Quiz 109 / By Charlie. Correctly spell the following words: 1. Handkerchief. 2. Accommodate. 3.

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1 hour ago · Check out this quiz - How Well Can You Spell? - Take it to find out your result! Brought to you by Kumon.

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Run the vocabulary quiz to estimate the number of English words you or your child knows. Do you know the grade level of your child based on words audio recognition and words spelling? VOCABULARY SPELLING SBO WORDS QUIZZES. LOGIN. Grade 1 AA92. Play. Progress 0 % Exercises attempted. 0. Exercises completed. 0. Total time. 00:00. Smart Score (out

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Explore curious quizzes for all levels. Quiz. Put your wizarding knowledge to the test with curious quizzes for all levels. Latest & greatest. FEATURE SPOTLIGHT. The Even Lesser-Known Characters Quiz. Did you take our lesser-known characters quiz recently? Well this is the follow up, and these characters are EVEN less well-known.

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Find quizzes on any topic and practice or compete with friends.

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With a population of over 170 million and growing, Nigeria is the largest of the countries. Using this free map quiz game, you can learn about Nigeria and 54 other African countries. You might be surprised how many you don’t get right on the first try, but use this online Africa map quiz to study and you will improve.

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At Hogwarts, theres a spell, charm or hex for nearly every occasion, and it can be a challenge for muggles to remember them all. How well do you know the spells used in the "Harry Potter" series? Take this quiz to find out!

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Difficult Spelling Words Quiz. Can you spell these 15 tricky spelling words? 14 of the most difficult common English words and 1 difficult word that is, err, less common. QUESTION TIMER: *You will not be able to enter your name on the leaderboard. START THE QUIZ *You will not be able to enter your name on the leaderboard

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British / American Spelling: Quiz 4. Spelling Rules Quiz 1: Adding -er/-est. Spelling Rules Quiz 2: Adding -ing/-ed. Spelling Rules Quiz 3: Adding -ly. Spelling Rules Quiz 4: Adding -s. Spelling Rules Quiz 5: Ending in -ible or -able. Spelling Rules Quiz 6: Using -ie- or -ei-Share: Twitter Facebook Email Print.

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For each of the tricky words below, choose the spelling you think is correct. Educate, entertain, and engage with Factmonster. From the solar system to the world economy to educational games, Fact Monster has the info kids are seeking. Our site is COPPA and kidSAFE-certified, so you can rest assured

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