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Spell’s Office. The Cosy Club. See all. Groups,- Club. Amandas Office. Anyone on this group gets a shortcut to my office! HOOYAH! Habbo Theatre UK. Putting on plays in Habbo since 2008. A play, followed by a Q&A and an open mic session for all to showcase their skills. Happy Tree Family. If kisses were the water, I would give you the

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What is Habbo? Habbo is an online vintage pixel-art style virtual community where you can create your own avatar, make friends, chat, build rooms, design + play gamesand so much more! Almost anything is possible in this strange place full of

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Welcome to the Habbo Help Tool! Here you can browse and search for answers to your questions, and if your question hasnt already been answered, you can submit a help request. General Important now! Habbo’s moderation system! Scamsites spell danger; Habbo Support General Information about Habbo. How do I request my Habbo data? How do I delete

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Launched in 2000 by Finnish company Sulake, Habbo Hotel boasts millions of users in a browser-based and mobile virtual world. With plenty of official rooms to jump in and chat with others, as well as the ability to create your own Guest Rooms and decorate them to your heart’s desires, players can enjoy great opportunities for customization and roleplay.

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Classic Habbo - 2009 Nostalgia Join us to see what Habbo was like back in 2009 with version 31, experience the nostalgia when playing SnowStorm, BattleBall, wobble squabble, diving, old school camera, groups, homes and much more!

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Scamsites spell danger Your friend on Habbo just told you on IM that you’ve reached the top 10 of the most popular Habbos? Been offered to join Habbo’s official staff? Just completed a telephrase or user game and got this link to go and claim your prize? Whatever goes on in Habbo – polls, competitions, contest results - stays in Habbo.

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The main gameplay of Habbo takes place within the Habbo Hotel which is split up into various rooms. Players login to the Hotel and select which rooms they wish to visit. Users can either stick to the official rooms which are publicly available to all members or visit …

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Poker - Poker is another popular game in Habbo casinos and can be used with two sets of dice. Dealers use the five Holodice / Dicemasters to roll five numbers. …

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A long time ago Habbo introduced FastFood. There were many online players and was always fun to play. However, a few years later it disappeared from Habbo. Until now! It has returned as The FastFood Game! The game is build using a HTML5 canvas element and is …

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