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coco stuff categories Class Names of MS-COCO classes in order of Detectron dict - ms_coco_classnames.txt

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The annotations include pixel-level segmentation of object belonging to 80 categories, keypoint annotations for person instances, stuff segmentations for 91 categories, and five image captions per image. The specific tracks in the COCO 2017 Challenges are (1) object detection with bounding boxes and segmentation masks, (2) joint detection and

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coco stuff categories Please also see the related COCO detection, keypoint, and stuff tasks. The panoptic task uses all the annotated COCO images and includes the 80 thing categories from the detection task and a subset of the 91 stuff categories from the stuff task, with any overlaps resolved.

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2018 COCO Panoptic Challenge Take-aways Ø All submission above the baseline combined the outputs of two separate networks for stuff and things Ø Best submission showed better PQ for things categories than the human consistency experiment

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Class Names of MS-COCO classes in order of Detectron dict

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A mapping from semantic segmentation class ids in the dataset to contiguous ids in [0, num_categories). It is useful for evaluation only. json_file: The COCO annotation json file. Used by COCO evaluation for COCO-format datasets. panoptic_root, panoptic_json: Used by panoptic evaluation.

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coco stuff categories Method category (e.g. Activation Functions): If no match, COCO-Stuff: Thing and Stuff Classes in Context. CVPR 2018 • Holger Caesar • Jasper Uijlings • Vittorio Ferrari. Semantic classes can be either things (objects with a well-defined shape, e.g. car, person) or stuff

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coco stuff categories As far as I know, coco has two parts of classes coco_things(81) + coco_stuff(91) = 172 coco stuff represents ex) sky,grass.. likely not characteristic . But, not the same number 201 as well.

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coco stuff categories COCO is a common object in context. The dataset contains 91 objects types of 2.5 million labeled instances across 328,000 images. COCO is used for object detection, segmentation, and captioning

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